I just need to give God some praise right now.

It’s been nearly 4 years since I stepped away from one of the most thrilling and incredible chapters of my life and moved into the uncharted territory of serving in youth ministry.

All along the way, God’s been really, really good.  He hasn’t always shown up exactly when I want Him to (nor has He answered prayers the way I thought He would), but He’s been faithful through it all.

Who but God could script out the story of having a recording contract fall in your lap because of a fluke viral video on YouTube (that you weren’t even in) and then open up a  door for you to help hundreds of kids from your old high school have their lives changed forever?

When I had no clue what God was calling us into (or what I’d be passing up by moving on from something I’d poured so much of myself into), He was already standing at the end of the next chapter, and the next one, and the next one.

Who but God.

When we thought He wasn’t hearing our prayers for a little one, He was already preparing what she will end up doing for His kingdom.

Who but God.

When we needed people to serve kids at Young Life camp, or money so we could function as a ministry, or places to meet, He was already scheming to quadruple the size of our volunteer family, bring in over $600,000 in gifts from families and businesses in our community, and plant the seed in one local family’s heart to buy a run-down, 30-acre piece of property and build a giant barn on it where kids could experience the Gospel in safety, surrounded by friends and adults who love them.

Who but God.

By the time this Summer is over, 862 young people from Fishers, IN will have experienced the Gospel for a week at Young Life camp trip since our efforts began in 2012.

Who but God.

Just two days ago on the way home from camp, a young girl in junior high (who had never attended a single Wyld Life event before going to camp) asked her leader if she would help her follow Jesus for the first time.

Who but God.

How is God showing up in your life – undeniably, right now, today?

“Here I raise my Ebenezer

Here by Thy great help I’ve come…”

Thank you for reading.

– Ryan

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